I am not a journalist or a writer, but I am inspired by all things food, whether it’s family or friends getting together, travelling to exciting destinations embracing its culture and cuisine, walking through food markets smelling and sampling, being mesmerized by the variety, colour and smells of fresh foods or just being alone in my kitchen trying new recipes – I LOVE FOOD!  If you are a food lover like me, if you relish in trying new delights, having made it yourself or having it made for you…. Please join me on my food journey!

Being well-travelled, I will share some on my favourite dishes from various countries, captivate you in cultures and some funny life experiences…leaving you thinking, wishing you were there.


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  1. Im so proud of you my darling. Fantastic writing I knew I had an extremly talented Fiance. Keep up the good work and you have my full support!! JK Rowling watch out the Mad Hatter is coming to get you!!!!!!! I Love You Sweetheart XXX

  2. Good for you Chantel!! I absolutely love seeing people that I’ve met over the years achieve so much and do all these great things. Please don’t stop writing. This is a great blog that will def. follow on to some even greater things in life for you. All the best. Elza x

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